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Jun Long & Maybelline
Segar Road

"We have met about 7 ID and H.J was the last one we met. H.J has gave us a good impression on the first meet up and was prompt with his action and suggestions.
During the period of renovation, he was very accomodating with our fussy request and had did a good job in corordinating with our aircon supplier. His follow up and assuring you the job will be under his care had really is a good job .His a detailed /thoughtful ID, overseeing/doing the project of our house has made us very happy and satisfy with our new home.

Good Job H.J,thank you for all your efforts and care!"

Mr Han
Ghim Moh Link

"Dear All,
I had a great experience working with H.J and would recommend him to everyone who's looking for interior designer. He's very professional and great designing ideas!"

Alex & Irene
Punggol Drive

"Han jie (H.J) is a outstanding interior designer. He puts in a lot of effort in designing and explaining the layout of the house. He is willing to put in the extra effort to ensure your house is design and build according to the design. He will weekly go up to the place to check on the contractors and assisting me in linking up with the different suppliers for AirCon, gas and others. His prices is reasonable and good quality. I highly recommend him for renovation."

Vion & Wayne
Bukit Panjang

"My husband and I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to H.J from Fullhouse Interior Render Pte Ltd for helping us to achieve our dream house design. I got to know H.J from Renotalk after meeting up with 6 other IDs. All the IDs I meet up with is either too pushy or snobbish with their own design to listen to my view on my dream house. Below is what I find good and bad about H.J in point form for easy reading.

1.) When i meet up with H.J for the first time I find him being a very good listener and sincere looking person (aka looks a bit gong gong, lol). He listens to all our views on the design and colours that we wanted and workout a few designs and quotations for us within that week. We confirmed him as our ID on the next meet up.

2.) He is a very accommodating person. Although accommodating he will still point out those requests which he thinks is not suitable or not workable for us to go through and make decision for ourselves. 

3.) H.J is also very service-oriented in a friend and buddy way. He will help you with little things that is not within his professional area if he has the time to help you out. (Which most ID will charge you for the service or labour).

4.) He tried his best to finish everything within a reasonable time frame. But with us it took a little longer then he has estimate caused we are so fussy with everything wanting it to be perfect!!! (It's my fault on the delayed completing time frame.)

5.) Carpentry work is not world’s best but is one of the best that i have seen after a few newly renovated house that i have gone to. 

6.) After sales service is very good. You know how you will discover problems that you are not able to see with naked eye and only see after you have start using and living in the house. He will help you solve the problem and not pushing the blame to us.

7.) Lastly you must know that all IDs outside is the same. You have to remind them on something sometimes as you know they may have a few different projects on hands and humans will get blur, forgetful and mixed up sometimes. This applies to H.J too.
But i find it a small problem caused i am a reminder myself around the house to my husband and family! (That means i am naggy and lo-so)

I have been recommending H.J to my friends as they are all getting their new house like us. I highly recommend him as my preferred ID!!"

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